AutoSpell Spell Checker

AutoSpell Spell Checker 6.2

A plug-in that extends the spell checking functions of Microsoft Office

The AutoSpell Spell checker plug-in complements the spell checking functions of Microsoft Office applications. The program integrates itself seamlessly into Word, Excel, Front Page, Outlook, Works, Outlook Express, Mail and News, Exchange and Windows Messaging applications. The powerful Internet dictionary included with this plug-in recognizes URLs, email addresses and other Internet terminology.

Apart from Internet terms, this plug-in also supports medical and legal terms, and includes many options that you can customize to suit your requirements. For example, when you are replying to emails, clicking the send button prompts the AutoSpell plug-in to automatically pop up and check your message, but you can customize it so that it ignores the text of the original message. Also, you can enter individual words that you want the plug-in to ignore. Additionally, you can set it to ignore other terms such as file names, uppercase words and more. On the other hand, you can set it to watch out or pay attention to uncapitalized sentences and words beginning with numbers, or repeated words, which is a useful function. This program also extends your languages dictionary database with twelve selectable multiple-language dictionaries.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Integrates seamlessly into applications


  • Dictionaries are to be downloaded separately from plug-in
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